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wjla wjla [ mitt romney ] look at the eviden of the last four years.
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we've got 23 million people out of work or stopped looking for work. they're suffering in this country. the president would prefer raising taxes. the problem with raising taxes is that it slows down the rate of growth. i'm not going to raise taxes on anyone, because when the economy's growing slow like t this,
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when we're in recession you shouldn't raise taxes on anyone. my plan is to bring down rates to get more people working. my priority is putting people back to work in america. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> alexandra police are hoping that someone will recognize the his dunkins robbing t donuts command. it's behind the counter, shows a gun comment and forces the employee to open up the register. the slip -- he left in a small blue vehicle. no one was left. bundle of because it will get wilcold tonight. >> and there will be a freeze rning, believe there not.
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>> it will catch some people off guard. the thermometer. 70 degrees. it is warm and sunny. the wind has died down. arly morning hours, that get cold. will cover up your vegetation because es tonight are expected to plummet to 27 degrees. >> i don't think that it will get down to 20 degrees. but, if it does, i will panicked. -- i will panic. >> it is beautiful. >> customers were not asking freeze. >> i do not think it is coming. >> we will have to move everything inside. i cannot be had here in the nighttime. >> heat masters -- but this is
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one of the first to get services l home.renta on weekends.te >> it was always cooler on the potomac river. the sunshine helps. the wind does not tell. the long underwear. this business just reopened after the georgetown waterfront flood. >> we are ready to roll again now. counting on the rink.e take a look at these kids. think they are buying johns and winter coats. of them are in shorts and t-shirts. tomorrow morning, especially the early morning soccer
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games, it will be a real shock. >> this is the time of year for this. we have a huge baseball game tonight. but we have football weather for it. n the redskinswhe e, we will have baseball whether ford in the mid-70's. uff tohave a lot of st share. do you think we are excited for the first pitch tonight? time lapse from one of our hd whether cameras. if you look at the sky, you'd be f board. louds here and there. day, a bit of a breeze, but cooler temperatures. cooler autumn weather. -- classic on whether -- classic toautumn weather.
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still getting wind gusts up to m.p.h. and they're expected to diminish tonight. but combined with falling temperatures to the 50 pause, it could be even colder. -- to the 50's, it could get even colder. the wind right now is out of the northwest at 18 m.p.h. with sustained wind. this is a chilly air mass. temperatures would never give below freezing, but we're thinking on the expectation that it will drop off by sunrise tomorrow. that leaves a small time frame 530 am to 7:15 a.m. -- 5:30 a.m. to 7:15 a.m., that is
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where the freeze warning is in effect. but it will be in the 32 degrees to 36 degrees range for the rest of the city. the coldest temperatures will be just before sunrise. e nice and will b ernight. diminishing wind and ideal radiational cooling. tomorrow, it will be a beautiful the with lots of sunshine. high pressure will be building in. will move on to the .ast by sunday, the wind will move to h and it will bring rmer air and it will bring baseball weather on the ball sunday. the redskins' kick off at 1:25 p.m. on sunday after name. on monday, still a warm day. the clouds increase and the next cold front i let the to bring
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e on mondays her afternoon. the indication is the cold front with temperatures in the seven. send a chance of showers monday afternoon. -- in the 70's and a chance of showers monday afternoon. and then another cold front and r chance of showers by next friday. plate is a good-looking weekend. coming up tonight, going to extremes. but from a father offering millions of dollars for someone to marry his daughter at 2 plastic surgery. -- to marry his daughter to plastic surgery. see what they have next planned on ", going to extremes."
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-- "20/20, going to extremes." >> and he is remarkable. he is a hero. and looked at his remarkable give up on his feet and back on the job. >> day one of the komen three- day walk. hear from one woman
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[ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nuing home fees eight times. an and as president, hidgs but cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing homeme ca. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message.
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>> this morning, teams started .heir journey i >> natasha has the details of ed >> day 1ing appear of this three-day what is here. finishing up 20 miles of walking and one woman that we've met on waterfront today. she survived breast cancer three times. you may have noticed a sea of pink descending on the braves today and along the georgetown waterfront. day one of the komen walk began
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today. these ladies " a little fun at breast cancer with the costumes probably inspired by dolly parton. >> we got a tacky outfit. >> mary ellen from manassas o support her close friend. a breast cancer survivor three times over. >> i do appreciate things. shoes diagnosed in 1991 and partial mastectomy seven ago. >> this is nothing compared to they have to d nging in the car? erent.iff [laughter] >> the national spokesperson for s a physician and a walker. >> after being affected by the disease, wanted to participate ckomen three-day.
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>> they are here to support women and men who are breast survivors. m the one -- i am one of the lucky ones because i still total, there are 1600 walkers doing the three-day walk. is always coming to a close. and there are two stations set on theughout our city walking areas. nd you want to come out a weekend, thatthis ur website online and check because these d some cheering nine. great survivors ing money for breast cancer .esearch >> for every like honor donate one lotll -- for $1 to breast cancer research. be sure to share it with your friends and help us support this life-saving cause. a shiny eyeball washes up on
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shore in florida. kind of animal did this thing is to belong to? e will tell you how much more you will soon be paying to mail a letter. >> accused of unethical behavior, going on the
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jim graham is the latest foot elected official mired in controversy. in the past year, the chair of the d.c. council and another downil member had to step amid criminal investigation. jim graham is basing
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allegations of criminal behavior regarding this plot of land. he promised to help a developer gets a multimillion-dollar with the cityact the developer scrapped a plan this metro-on part of land. the ex -- investigation shows that he clearly had a violation. ng in the report any law has been broken. >> he has come close to crime on scandal. his former chief of staff pled to federal year a briberytemming from sting. in a city where of indictments, onstituents are pointed.isap >> i think that the people who are elected of this committee
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be upstanding citizens. it is disappointing that they red >> they think lot of powere a and the use and abuse of. today, graham issued a deeper buddle into the metro findings. -- deeper rebuttal to the metro findings. >> those $800,000 would be alator.spent on an esc metro did hand over the findings of the investigation to law enforcement officials. >> a former prince george's county bus driver has been given sentence. three people suffered minor e incident could she was convicted of first- and malicious
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n of property. she has five years' supervised probation and has to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. >> robberies in college park has the community on art. the suspect rounded to students at gunpoint. one student was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> it is another do-or-die day the nationals tonight as they take on the cardinals in game 5. incredible an season-saving game. >> last night's vice president was watched by 44 million viewers. both sides they are claiming but it is not clear yet
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whether they swayed any undecided voters. one thing most people could that the moderator did a great job. hear what she thought as she sat there at the table. diane sawyer gives us a preview 's' the talk of the day still last night's vice prisons and shall debate. as a vice-presidential debate. we will tell you not only learned in the campaigns but we asked doors, the moderate to tell us what she saw sitting at the table that the rest of us cannot see from home. >> she did a great job, by the way. >> schuster did. you also have to be the -- >> driving at 200 miles per hour concussion.
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that could play a role in one of the seismic crashes. nascar cost big hero is finally coming forward with it. -- nascar's big hero is finally coming forward with it. >> you can watch those stories tonight after abc7 news. >> 2013 will see the price of sending a letter or package the post office increase again. the cost of a first-class letter up to 46 cents, one penny. coast guard's loss of " a penny to 33 cents. delivery confirmation will now free. d the prices take effect january 27. >> now for the traffic situation his getaway friday. it is beginning to step up. >> they are, especially 395 bounnorthbound.
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south capitol street is already starting to see some slow traffic. your outer loop delays started 0 heading toward 66 and back interloop. slovo on the 270 northbound -- slow go on the 270 northbound. that is the latest. >> coming up, some powerful ling on gallaudet to reinstate their chief rsity officer, but do students agree? >> accused of running a
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prostitution reing -- >> space shuttle endeavor 12- mile trip to its permanent home is almost over. but t when i wasounger and... financially stable. we were poor. the mgm casino in michigan. and it changed her life. clerk. way up. insurance... and i make great money.ey seven will create... twelve thousand jobs. to accountants... and construction workers. place to work with good pay... question seven.
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>> a sex scandal is rocking an .pscale town e'en in maine tonight come -- town in maine. tonight, the young woman is denying the charges of prostitution of lexis write it into the cumberland -- alexis wright went into the cumberland to fight charges. >> a kenechi was not exactly risque, but different. but prosecutors say they have a mountain of evidence that luding 100erwise, inc hours that was video where they
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engaged in the sexual act, a tape that she reported. and the people of the tapes are 's who of the town. >> police officers and firemen, accountants and tv personalities lawyers. ay, a judge denied a motion for confidentially that list from the client public. an attorney for one of the clans appealing that decision, saying the release of the list will be ruined lives. >> whoever has the list has the power to destroy reputations. alexis wright was arrested after her landlord called police saw -- theythey heard strange sounds and men coming and going at all hours. >> some walmart employees are to walk off on a secret this comes between the company
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and employees for having their hours cut. the company called the rs a vocal minority. >> we think that there are some who have concerns, but they do represent the 1.3 million theciates' we have across united states. >> and expected the walkout on black friday. it could cost $312 million. >> cannot miss out on black friday. >> here's something that you don't as scary day. where did this eyeball come from? in an instant, a merrill terry physician -- a military physician is learning to run a
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>> and military doctors serving afghanistan found himself in a military bed, but not for long. he is inspiring others with
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his amazing recovery story. laced up for an afternoon run, the 5 k is no sweat for air cold -- for eric holdeholt. here you see him just two days ied blast. >> it was not a panic. it was more like what next? he was seriously wounded as flew out of the vehicle face first into a wall 30 meters away. >> they had to rebuild my face. >> he is not like any other anesthesiologists. kable.remar a hero. suffering from a traumatic
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injury, he had to relearn to walk and practice medicine. >> but then he got back on his feet in more ways than one. that the full active duty, he is w part of the fellowship training and seeing patients. that is complete, he can be deployed. >> there is not a negative tone his boy's body. is able to adapt and recover so quickly. >> he also swims and bikes and weekend, he hopes to finish in 21 minutes. it is the annual 5 k run for the warriors. as the hearing continues, nd moreocused a passionate about his mission, he a different course. >> a political argument with a
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12-year-old boy caused an 81- year-old bus driver her job. a seventh grader was champing "ronnie" from the back of the driver calledus him -- the seventh grader was chanting "romney" from the back of the bus when the bus driver front.into the >> his mother told the company perates the school bus and in the driver was a newly rom duty and fired froduring an investigation. the giant eyeball that washed ashore in south florida is discussing people on line. the marine biologists say that it likely came from a giant
5:49 pm
squid. it turns out they have a tendency to lose their arrival -- there eyeball. that is ok because they just grow another one. >> let's take a look at what is coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> met ronnie is keeping his eye l in virginia. -- mitt romney is keeping his all in virginia. an agent was arrested, police saying that he was drunk and combative. you in a little bit. let's turn to the weather.
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>> how many layers will we need to the game tonight? >> a long sleeve shirt, sweater, blanket, just to start. if you're headed out this the temperatures will the 30's overnight. there is a freeze warning overnight in the light blue shaded areas. temperatures will be in the upper-20's and lower-30's. a nice comeback. the word-60's and bright sunshine by the afternoon. -- the upper-60's and bright sunshine by the afternoon. for the next seven days, we will the weather like monday.
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go to to find the abc 7 eather. you can hear about the frosty her and the freezing tonight. ahead, more on the foliage update. your turn. >> can you believe that game last night? >> it was phenomenal. we are on october 12 with teams home for the winter already and the nationals are gearing up for a decisive against st. louis in the national league division series. last night's game, when a dramatic finish. most of all, it was a momentum changer. e nationals have been outscored 23-9 in this series. but that home run could free up
5:52 pm
the guys like bryce harper who are only one-18. how are the players acting? what they say down there? they seem common collected, o it. to d and jason werth said that he was inspired by raul ibanez in the yankees' game-3 winner. and his home run inspired the nationals. they are now not just playing to it, but they're playing >> a lot of excitement in the ballpark. >> that is what it is all about. this is why you work out all winter, why you start playing en you work for. it is -- why you start playing t-ball when you are 4.
5:53 pm
that is what it is all about. >> the nationals have seen a lot of adam wainwright. so it should be good offense. >> you have the best see in the house. mark lerner went through a kaleidoscope of emotions last night, culminated by jason werth's home run. they believe that that home run n just extending this series. >> [inaudible] >> so here we go. the stage is set for the final at has become the this town.n it will be fine. the wind is blowing in. will see how it affects the game now. the orioles and yankees are still on right now. have the score for you at 6:00 p.m. >> on the campus of delhi but never see were the chief schoolty officer for the placed -- of galley
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>> gallaudet university put a chief diversitofficer -- chief diversity officer on administrative leave. it came to my attention that dr. testa had participated in an initiative that some feel is inappropriate. >> tomorrow, he tells us that he is calling for a council to be reinstated. >> delegate -- calling for mechanicamckaskil to be reinsta. >> i think that was a huge mistake. they should ask her to present
5:58 pm
her side of the story. she signed a petition to put same-sex marriage on the ballot. >> some advocates are calling for her to be reinstated. the "everyone has a right to opinion and everyone has a t dissipate in the political process." .c. mayor vincent gray calls the university's action an internal matter. >> they should decide. >> this is another attack on religious liberty. this is a desire to silence oppose obama's sexual agenda, including same-sex ge.ria s aboute are many opinion her. some students want her reinstated immediately. be fired. she should but the vast majority of students seem conflicted by this controversy, not sure what the should do next. >> i don't think it was the
5:59 pm
right decision. she has to support everybody at university. on duty. >> the university will hire an interim diversity chief. e has not commented. that is it for the news at 5:00 p.m. p.m. starts6:00 right now. >> neuheisel evening, the start maker britney for the gton nationals -- this evening, the start of make or k night for the washington nationals. >> many lined up before the sun oren came out to get tickets f one. just opened the gates a few minutes ago. they did lineup the very early this morning to

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